Capacity Building

This list is focused on topics relating to _building technology capacity_ for nonprofits, NGOs, Foundations and activists.

That phrase implies many things to many people--strategic, technical, operational, organizational, interpersonal, political, financial, ethical, facilitative, etc--so we intentionally keep that scope simple and un-nuanced.

We know lots of folks doing inspiring and passionate capacity building work, but we don't know of a current channel where they can be in focused conversation about the same. There are plenty of "nptech" lists, but our hope is that this one addresses the topic stated above directly and richly.

The hope is for this list to become a channel for sharing what you are doing and how you do it, inviting collaboration, contributing knowledge, and finding space to ask for support. Ideally this list is a springboard for connecting capacity building efforts around the web and around the globe.

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